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At E-FireX, we've pioneered a revolutionary fire suppressant solution exclusively designed and patented for lithium battery fires. Whether you're an Electric Vehicle owner, ride electric bikes, scooters, or own a Recreational Vehicle with lithium batteries, our cutting-edge technology is tailored specifically for you. Say goodbye to the constraints of outdated water-based foams, gels, and retardants, and embrace a new era of fire safety with E-FireX.

E-FireX Fire Extinguisher

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Introducing the E-FireX Fire Extinguisher—your go-to safety device designed specifically for Lithium battery fires. With our advanced encapsulator agent technology, you can now protect your personal space, home power wall, electric vehicle, RV, and all your Lithium recreational equipment with unparalleled effectiveness. Simple to use, fast-acting, and versatile, it's the essential safety tool for your modern lifestyle.

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Key Features:

  • Designed for Lithium battery fires
  • Works on all other fire classifications
  • Advanced encapsulator agent technology for fast and effective fire suppression
  • Suitable for both portable and fixed fire suppression systems
  • Perfect for home, electric vehicles, RVs, and Lithium recreational equipment
  • Advanced encapsulator agent technology for fast and effective fire suppression
  • Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher 
  • 1L and 2L includes Flat Surface Mount Bracket
  • 6L and 9L includes Hook Wall Mount

Why Choose E-FireX Extinguishers?

E-FireX is a trailblazing company specializing in all-natural, 100% biodegradable Lithium fire suppression. Our innovative solution not only effectively extinguishes Lithium battery fires but also offers reliable protection against all other classifications of fires. Embrace advanced fire safety with E-FireX — where nature meets cutting-edge technology.

Unmatched Performance in Lithium Battery Fire Suppression

E-FireX Encapsulator Agent does more than just put out flames. It encapsulates the fuel and toxic vapors while reducing cell temperature, making it the only choice for tackling Lithium battery fires. Rest easy knowing you've got the best protection available.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Traditional fire suppressants can be harmful to the environment. Not E-FireX. It's 100% certified bio-based and contains no fluorinated ingredients (PFOA/PFAS). Keep your home and our planet safe.

Use Cases

Electric Vehicles

In the car or at the charge station, always have the ability to fight an EV fire.

"After installing E-FireX fire extinguisher in my Tesla, I feel much safer driving long distances."
- John from California

eRecreation (eMTB, Hoverboards)

From the home office to the trails, with e-powered personal devices at large, keep the fire at bay.

"My eMTB caught fire once, and a E-FireX fire extinguisher saved my day. I won't go riding without it."
- Emily from New York

NFPA 18A Annex 4.3

Lithium-ion Battery Testing

Encapsulator Agents (Sec. 7.7) have been tested extensively by third-party testing organizations. This testing has been controlled, scientific and highly instrumented, documenting fire suppression, control and elimination of thermal runaway and encapsulation of both flammable electrolyte and other explosive off-gases, rendering them nonexplosive. Encapsulator Technology reduces the toxicity of HF gas.



"I was always concerned about the fire risks associated with electric cars. Since I got the E-FireX Fire Extinguisher, those worries have completely vanished. It's like having a personal firefighter always ready in my garage. Highly recommended!"


Electric Vehicle Owner


"We love to travel in our RV, and fire safety has always been a top priority for us. E-FireX just takes that confidence to the next level. We wouldn't dream of hitting the road without it now."


RV Enthusiast


"I have multiple gadgets at home, including a home powerwall. The E-FireX Fire Extinguisher is a must-have for tech-savvy people like me. Its design is sleek, and it fits perfectly in my modern home, not to mention the peace of mind it provides."


Tech Savvy Homeowner


"As someone who loves outdoor activities, I often take along a variety of lithium-powered recreational equipment. The portable design of the E-FireX makes it super easy to pack along, and the peace of mind it provides is priceless."




"With two young kids at home, fire safety is a constant concern. When I found out about E-FireX and its effectiveness on lithium battery fires, it was a no-brainer. It's an essential safety tool every family should invest in."


Mother & Safety Advocate

Suitable for All Installations

Whether you prefer a portable or fixed fire suppression setup, E-FireX fire extinguisher fits the bill.

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